I am a marketeer, a writer, a saleswoman, an event planner and a team leader. I have a strong interest in helping small businesses and startups with finding the right strategy to start or expand their business. I love being part of an innovative team for small or big companies alike, and to use my skills within business development and communications to pursue clients and audiences to take action. I find unique selling points to sell products or services, and I am capable of conceptualizing and executing events with a high degree of service-orientation and German perfectionism. I am a resourceful young person, I am eager and ambitious and I stand for high quality and flexibility.


Originally from the beautiful southwest of Germany, I lived, worked and studied in different countries, such as The Netherlands, Norway, Denmark, Sweden and the USA, as I love languages and getting to know new cultures. I now live in the beautiful city of Copenhagen and am available for fulltime or freelance work. Specialized in the management and operations of small businesses, I am experienced in handling crossfunctional projects and responsibilities.


In the following, I outline the most important values for me that influence my life and the way I work.

circle3 Professionalism
I highly value Professionalism, as I am committed to excellence, success and a high degree of quality in everything I do. As a highly result-oriented persion, I am organized, dedicated and committed to effectiveness and efficiency.

Circle2 Reliability
As a person, I take great pride in being responsible and self-starting, whom both my friends, colleagues and managers can always depend on getting things done.

circle Honesty
For me, honesty plays a significant role in my life, as I not only am as open as possible in my communication to others, but I expect the same degree of honesty from others. I strongly believe, that honesty and integrity provide for effective leadership and communication both from the top-down as well as bottom-up.

Circle2 Self-Development
As an enthusiastic and curious person, I am always eager to meet challenges and to learn new skills and competencies. I highly enjoy learning and improving myself in a wide range of fields, both in terms of professional development and on a personal level.

circle3 Adaptability
Having lived in many different countries and worked in various industries, adaptability and flexibility is what makes me a team player who thrives in environments that require the ability to effectively prioritize and juggle multiple projects at once and to adapt to changes.

Circle2 Motivation
In order to be successful in life, I believe that one must have the motivation and right attitude. I take motivation from various aspects and am always an energeticp erformer with a passion for the work I am doing that approaches new tasks or projects with a positive attitude, making me a self-starter who takes initiative and can work under minimal supervision.

Self-Development – Professionally, Personally & for Fun!

Being seen as an academic, by having a university degree, people often assume that you are super smart and have learned all there is to learn in a given field.
I remember my Bachelor’s graduation ceremony and being asked on stage what I was doing now, when I answered that I was now living in Denmark, studying for my Master’s degree. The interviewer asked whether or not I haven’t finished learning yet – my answer has been, and would still be today “Are you ever finished?”. I consider it important to keep yourself updated, not only with the developments around you and in the world, but also on a professional and “academic” level. I am subscribed to several courses in different disciplines on one of the most amazing online platforms I can imagine – Coursera, offering free education to everyone!

Of course, I also enjoy learning “skills” that are not actually directly transferable to my career. Last year, I had the fantastic idea of learning Morse Code. Nowadays, this is a totally useless thing to know, and I am yet to find an opportunitiy in which I would need to communicate in Morse; – but it is the little things like this, or the fact that I recently learned how to play the Harmonica, that bring me joy and fun. Some things are of course more useful, like learning how to build websites, in order to make my own, for instance.



Outside of my professional life, I enjoy traveling the most. As a student, I took all the opportunities available to turn my passion for the discovery of new countries and cultures, into a part of my student life, moving from one place to another, learning languages and becoming a person who cherishes plenty of unique memories. For me, traveling is not only a way to discovering something new, but also discovering and developing one self. The experiences I made have turned me into an open-minded and flexible person and an organizing talent, as I planned every move and every travel into much detail by myself.

My passion for traveling has also influenced my interest in photography, as I consider all the pictures I have taken throughout the course of the years, as the most important memories of past times, that I would not want to miss.

On a more daily level, I enjoy food making and turning simple ingredients into a nice meal – to the delight of my friends , as well as I enjoy Salsa and Ballroom dancing.

Interests - Anita Theis